Tamar View Community Complex Ltd.
Tamar View Community Complex Ltd - at the heart of the community

Tamar View Community Complex Ltd. came into being due to an announcement by the MoD to vacate and dispose of its surplus stock of Married Quarters on the Barne Barton Estate in Oct 99.

A small number of local residents grouped together with a view to put together a plan to purchase the complex and retain the facilities for the local community; the vision of this group, who went on to become the founding trustees, is to provide a quality family services for the local community whilst at the same time remaining a viable enterprise.

Since those early days the centre has gone from strength to strength.

The organisation generates sufficiant funds to not only meet all its revenue costs but also to invest in the community.

Postal Address: Tamar View Community Complex Ltd.
Miers Close
St Budeaux
Telephone: 01752 365904
Email TVCC Ltd Company Secretary: pat@tamarview.co.uk
TVCC Office pat@tamarview.co.uk